Perinatal Grief & Loss

This is so hard, you never thought you’d be in this place.

You planned on bringing your baby home, and now you’re hearing terms you’ve never heard before: fetal diagnosis, TFMR, incompatible with life. This is unimaginable. How do you navigate this?

Are You Wondering What To Do When

You feel sad and lost in a deep well of grief, asking yourself, “How can I ever stop hurting?

It seems unfathomable to try again, or to go on with parenting older children while you’re suffering through this loss?

You feel like you don’t know what happened, things feel surreal, like it’s all so hard to believe?

You aren’t getting support from friends and family who don’t understand?

Perinatal Loss Can Take On Many Forms,
All Undeniably Difficult

Did you receive a fetal diagnosis, and found out that your baby wouldn’t survive after birth?

Were you faced with the decision to terminate your pregnancy in order to survive yourself?

Did you experience a stillbirth, or did your infant die?

Have you received a diagnosis for yourself that impacts your family planning?


Therapy Can Give You The Support And Space To Grieve, Process Your Experience, And Find Relief

You’re the one who has lost their baby, yet so far, it’s been a challenge to find support. You’ve turned to friends and family but no one seems to be able to sit with you through this.

Imagine Having A Space Where You Can

Feel fully understood and validated, without having to explain everything that happened detail by detail.

Connect with someone that gets it and who doesn’t try to “fix” you or your grief.

Get coping strategies to help with the intensity of the emotions you are going through.

Find a gradual easing of the lows to get to a place of calm, acceptance, and peace.


Schedule A Free Phone Consultation

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