Parenting in Challenging Situations


Are You Feeling Maxed Out, Overstimulated, and Unsupported?

Parenting in challenging situations can feel infuriating and isolating like you’re stuck in a cycle you never wanted to be in.

Are you walking on eggshells around certain people, hoping to minimize conflicts, but inside you’re raging? Do you feel like you constantly have to edit yourself in order to survive the day? Do you wonder what kind of parent you could be if you weren’t stuck dealing with this other thing?

Have you lost a sense of yourself and can’t remember a time when you put yourself first?

You deserve support, because your experience is valid.

Are You:

seeing that habits and history from your family of origin are having a negative impact on the way you parent?

feeling like navigating your in law relationship has become more challenging since having kids?

struggling in your relationship because parenting values are in conflict?

feeling like someone is rejecting your reality?

Do You Want:

to feel more grounded, calm, and released from the swirl of thinking?

to learn skills to navigate your life as a parent and thrive in your relationships with your partner and children?

relief from the pain, and assurance that you can get through this?

to learn how to truly let go and move forward without this pain?

What if there was a space for you to be deeply heard?


Together, We Can:

explore what happens at home when anger and dysregulation feel contagious.

make a plan for how to take care of yourself when things feel out of control.

build confidence in yourself as an individual as you parent your child.

embrace true self care (it’s not taking a walk or a bubble bath).

Together, We Will:

identify areas where you can reduce the demands and let go of familial and societal rules that don’t work in your home.

practice skills when you’re feeling regulated, so that they will feel accessible when you aren’t.

challenge beliefs in order to see if they actually work for you, or if they are holding you back.


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