New Parents


Feeling lost, overwhelmed,
exhausted, and sad?

Maybe you’re thinking about all those people who said, “Enjoy every moment,” and wondering why you’re not. You might be having thoughts like, “What if I fall while I’m holding the baby?” or “What if I never bond with my baby?” or “Am I just a bad parent?”

You thought bringing a baby home would be manageable, you had everything set up, you’ve read the books, but you’re unexpectedly feeling like you’re failing.

The adjustment to new parent life can be challenging. If you feel like you’re failing, I’m here to tell you that you aren’t. Struggles are part of this — bringing a baby into your life is a big deal! You deserve support, you’re not alone.


Imagine Having The Safety And Support To

Process your unexpected birth experience.

Unpack and explore the expectations you had.

Find ease within the demands of your day without white-knuckling your way through it.

Unstick those sticky thoughts and build resilience.

Work on boundaries with your family of origin.

Build up your community support system.

Explore what self care means to you and work toward making it a part of your everyday life.

Dads Matter Too!

You’re feeling confused about your role, and unsure of how to navigate the needs of your partner, your baby, and yourself. It’s like you’re expected to know what to do, but your own dad didn’t model this for you and you want to break cycles.

Together We Can

Explore what being a parent means to you.

Identify ways to bring balance and harmony into your new family life.

Process your experience of bringing a baby home.

Incorporate tools and skills to improve communication and self regulation.


Schedule A Free Phone Consultation

Scheduling a free phone consultation is the first step toward feeling better. I’m here to collaborate with you and to listen to you, so let’s explore together.

Email is the best way to reach me: [email protected]
Texting or calling works, too: (973) 397-5133