About Erin Hertrich, LCSW, PMH-C

People who seek help are brave, not broken


My Own Life Experiences Inform My
Ability To Support My Clients

I have lived experience with anxiety and PTSD, am a miscarriage survivor, and have recovered from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD) during my adjustment to parent life.

I’ve gone through hard times, too, and I’ve learned that the hard work it takes to come out of that darkness is worth it so that I can live the life I know I deserve.

In sessions, you’ll get space to
feel deeply heard

In our work together, we’ll be curious about your experience, and explore it with gentleness and care. We’ll work together to deeply understand your ways of interacting with the world, decode your reactions to stressors, and build the skills to manage and thrive in your day to day. You can find enjoyment again, and you can learn to find comfort within yourself.

Parenting Is Really Hard!

Does this sound familiar?

Are You:

finding yourself having upsetting thoughts or unrelenting worry while pregnant or after having a baby?

parenting in a challenging situation and feel both untethered and tangled up at the same time?

shocked by news that your baby won’t survive, or has your baby died?

questioning what happened to your identity since kids came into the mix?

Do You Want:

to feel more grounded, calm, and released from the swirl of thinking?

to learn skills to navigate your life as a parent and thrive in your relationships with your children?

relief from the pain and assurance that you can get through this?

to get to know yourself again, and reconnect with the parts of you that feel lost?

If you feel lost, alone, and angry, therapy can help…even if you feel so distant from the time when you felt like yourself.


A Bit About My Training

I Love To Use The Term “Life-long Learner” When Reflecting On My Commitment To Continuously Expanding My Knowledge And Skills

I incorporate bits and pieces of many modalities into my treatment approach. Together, we find what works for you

I have a master’s degree in Social Work, and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

I am also a PMH-C, which means I’ve earned a certification in perinatal mental health from Postpartum Support International (PSI). I’ve completed advanced training through PSI in perinatal psychotherapy and perinatal grief and loss.

I’ve also completed training from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine which focuses on supporting the mental health of individuals who seek and receive reproductive medicine.


Schedule A Free Phone Consultation

Scheduling a free phone consultation is the first step toward feeling better. I’m here to collaborate with you and to listen to you, so let’s explore together.

Email is the best way to reach me: [email protected]
Texting or calling works, too: (973) 397-5133