Love Your Kids, But Feel Like Screaming?
Find Relief & Joy In Your Relationships At Home

Online psychotherapy for new and experienced parents
in New Jersey and Pennsylvania


Being a parent isn’t easy.
Let’s make some space for you to find relief, move away from the chaos, and feel more confident in yourself as a parent.


Hi, I'm Erin

She / Her

I work with adults who want to feel more confident in themselves as people and as parents.

You’ve brought your new baby home, but now you’re wondering what happened to your identity, and why you’re not enjoying this new version of your life.

You’re parenting while managing another challenging situation and you feel pulled in multiple directions by all of the demands.

You’ve experienced a pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or infant loss and feel numb, angry, and overwhelmed by grief.

Imagine having a safe space to share the full range of your experiences while being met with empathy and compassion. Together, we can find you a sense of calm and relief as you navigate this life as a parent. With support, you can begin to untangle yourself from the pain, anger, and worry. You deserve support.

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How I Help

Online Psychotherapy Services


New Parents

You’ve feverishly followed postpartum accounts, read all the books, Googled all the things, and bought all the gadgets because someone or something convinced you that you need them. But none of it is working, you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, and you want relief from the upheaval.

Therapy for New Parents

Parenting in Challenging Situations

You want to enjoy your home life more, but you feel tense and constantly on edge because of something else that is going on. You’re doing your best to navigate it all, but can’t seem to get your footing. You’re the peacekeeper and the problem-solver, but you’re burning out from this and want relief.

Therapy for Parents in Challenging Situations


Perinatal Grief & Loss

You’ve experienced a pregnancy or infant loss, and you’re feeling that nothing can help. Family and friends are well-meaning, but their own grief process is clouding your experience. You’re stuck in this mix of pain that feels like it could last forever, and you want out.

Therapy for Perinatal Grief & Loss